Same Day
Medical Services

The Idaho Health Neighborhood
Center is the go-to team for
your medical needs.


Mon – Fri
9:00 – 6:00


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Idaho Health
Neighborhood Center

824 S Diamond Street
Nampa ID 83686-5960


If you are experiencing
a health emergency

Dial 911

We are an urgent care that provides same day access to behavioral health, clinical pharmacy, and primary care services.

We provide urgent care services integrated with primary care, clinical pharmacy, and behavioral health services.

Same day access instead of waiting months to see a behavioral health consultant or a primary care provider.

We employ multi-lingual international medical graduates to train and retain medical professionals in Idaho.

IHNC is funded by Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization, a non-profit dedicated to the pursuit of health equity.

When you are suddenly feeling ill or have suffered an injury, your first instinct may be to visit an ER. But if your condition is not critical, your most convenient and affordable choice may be to visit Idaho Health Neighborhood Center. Our center is staffed with board-certified medical professionals.

824 S Diamond Street
Nampa ID 83686-5960

A team of expert providers that are leading IHNC! Meet our staff and visit us for health needs!

Scott Malm

Physician Assistant

Languages Spoken: English/Spanish

Gaylord Lihumba Kambali

IMG Physician Extender

Languages Spoken: English/Spanish/French

Sampson Nde

IMG Lead Physician Extender

Languages Spoken: English/Nigerian

Maria Torres, LCSW

Behavioral Health Consultant

Languages Spoken: English/Spanish

Brad Raburn, MA, LCPC

Behavioral Health Consultant

Camille Evans, LCSW

Behavioral Health Consultant

Melinda Saville

Office Manager
Asonya FluittIHNC